Did from untouch 1080p Source, same old source but million times better. Synced Exclusive line audio to it. if you have not downloaded previous version of this source this is the best you are gonna get from this version and that includes every other release.

Work Done ->

Video: AVC @ 2500kbps 2Pass
Resolution: 1248x532 @ 29fps
Audio: AAC 192kbps 2.0
Sample: included
Language: English
Source: 1080p-iMaxHDCAM cheers!
Encoder: CPG


Перезаливаю Дэлпула в хорошем качестве. 1,96 Гб. Фильм отличный. Фильм на английском. Скачайте html файл. Он содержит магнит.
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09 Апреля 2016
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