Violent police officers should be punished !


Yet another unarmed Black man has been shot for no reason - and again, there is video to prove it.

An autistic man got away from a group home in North Miami with a toy truck in his hand. He was having some sort of episode in the road and Charles Kinsey, a behavioral therapist who worked with him came to help calm him down.

Someone called the cops believing that the autistic man had a gun. Cell phone footage captured Charles Kinsey laying on the ground with his hands up for minutes pleading with the responding officers not to shoot and explaining that this was an autistic man with a toy truck. In the video, it’s easy to hear his explanation and see him laying flat with his hands up. He described his job, the situation and begged not be shot.

Then an officer shot him, rolled him over and handcuffed while he bled. When Charles asked why the police officer shot him, he responded, "I don't know". Well, I don't know about you, but I really don't think a police officer this trigger happy should be able to walk away from this without a trial. This crime exposes weaknesses in training in dealing with the mentally challenged as well as police instigated racial violence.

The police person has been put on administrative, paid leave. But we demand the DOJ prosecute him for shooting a man with no cause other than the color of his skin.


Update #1


In a bizarre effort to pivot away from race, the police union chief said this officer was aiming at the autistic man. But Charles Kinsey is on film telling them he is not a threat and also, why did this cop have such poor aim? This feels like a distraction. The case is now at the State’s Attorney and Florida Department of Law Enforcement level, but we demand it goes into the DOJ’s hands.

A police officer showed up at a 5-year-old’s birthday party and shot his dog to death in front of him. The police officer still has his job and has faced zero repercussions for his actions.

Sign the petition to tell the Wynnewood, Oklahoma Police Department you expect they fire this officer.

Opie the dog was in the fenced in backyard and his family had just gone inside to cut birthday cake for their son Eli’s birthday party when they heard the first gunshot. Opie was kicking and struggling to breathe in the last few minutes of his life until the police officer shot him twice to kill him while all the 5-year-old birthday party guests watched.

Police officer Josh Franklin showed up at the house ostensibly to serve a warrant for a 10-year-old case, even though he had been told the recipient of the warrant no longer lived there. The officer claimed Opie lunged at him and was aggressive. But Opie was inside a fence, no danger to the cop. And also, a dog that can hang out with kids at a 5-year-old’s birthday party hardly seems like a dangerous, aggressive dog. Opie was an American Bulldog and Pitbull mix though, so the police officer probably just profiled him as aggressive.

Eli misses his best friend Opie so much, he even built Opie a small wooden cross. Eli has said it hurts to miss his best friend and it hurts that the police department hasn’t even said sorry.

Add your name to demand the Wynnewood police department fires officer Franklin now.

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