United Nations award given to Jacque Fresco for city design/community


On July 17th, 2016 The Venus Project founder Jacque Fresco received the award for City Design & Community from the NOVUS summit in conjunction with the United Nations division UN DESA. This was held at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations.


This award comes after Jacque’s lifetime effort of not only city design and community integration, but also research of social designs, human behavior studies, innovation in building systems, engineering and technical solutions with application to improving the quality of life for everyone on the planet.


This annual summit gives platform to humanitarian, governmental and non-governmental organizations, showcasing innovations for sustainable development to transform the world in a positive way. We are deeply grateful to those who put on the event and want to give a special thank you to Natasha Tsakos who did an amazing job of introducing Jacque, Roxanne and The Venus Project. We also appreciate that Julio Herrera accepted the award on behalf of Jacque Fresco.


This is a very important step in our world outreach effort to unite humanity towards a better future for all.


At this conference The Venus Project was pleased to announce the beginning of the next phase of our development – our new NPO called Resource Based Economy created to initiate construction of the first experimental city system designed by Jacque Fresco. This city will showcase our optimistic vision, allowing people to see what kind of future we can build if we channel our efforts of a systems approach for social betterment. The city will not only be a test of design and architecture, but it will be a hub for preparing and working on the next phase of social evolution towards a Global Resource Based Economy to demonstrate the methods of science applied to the social system. It will be a testing ground for technological solutions and to enhance our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the environment. 


The response from supporters of the project has been overwhelmingly positive and we hope that the response from the world community following the award will enable us to take the necessary steps to move humanity to a future of abundance that Jacque has envisioned and worked for the last 85 years.


Your inquiry and participation is welcome.


Please see the video of this award ceremony below.


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