The 800 year old Nokia duck


At first admired and applauded, then mocked and finally forgotten. A year ago around the turn of the year 2105/16, the Internet phenomenon of an „800-year-old alien mobile phone“ reached its peak.

Today it is clear – it is a clay tablet in the shape of a mobile phone, its keys and screen showing cuneiform script, to symbolize the evolution of the information transfer.

Fringe scientists and alternative archaeology proponents have misrepresented the photo of the artwork as 800-year-old archaeological find. This story was popularised in a video on the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible and led to the object being reported as a mystery by some press sources.


These are only a part of the newspapers around the world who reported on the content and with the foto of this video:

Daily Mail (3), The Sun (4), Mirror (5), Daily Star (6), Huffington Post US (7), Huffington Post UK (8), Huffington Post The British Journal (11), Focus (12), Korean Times (13), Pakistan Defense (14), Indonesia News (15), Independent (16), Canada Journal (17), Zee News India (18), Sri Lanka News (19), and much more. All had almost the same headline as the following: „800 years old mobile phone found in Austria“
The Swiss newspaper 20min (20) wrote: „A picture of a“ 800-year-old mobile phone currently turning the Internet upside down“

Only the Iraqi newspaper IRAQI Dinar News (21) reported that a 700 year old mobile phone was found in Austria! The newspaper has embezzled a hundred years – which should not surprise because of the widespread corruption in this country!

The newspaper US-Huffington Post (26), as well as the magazines NEWS-Österreich (27) and eMedia (28), published an interview with Karl Weingärtner, the manufacturer of the clay-tablet and author of the photo of this antique looking mobile phone.

Servus TV (1) would have offered to broadcast an interview, which ultimately rejected Mr Weingärtner.

The Museum for Communication in Frankfurt (2) wanted to set up an exhibition on this „antique“ mobile phone, if the original had been left to them free of charge. Mr Weingärtner did not agree with this proposal either.

Even if the images of the „800-year-old mobile phone“ still around the world, the media enthusiasm cool quickly.
On the one hand, the community of border-scientists and UFO believers more or less recognized that this were a „fake“ from their own ranks. This was partly due to Karl Weingärtner’s corrections in the newspaper interviews (26, 27, 28) and on the Austrian TV station ORF (24). On the other hand, it became clear to some people that an 800-year-old cell phone with cuneiform signs is in no way rational.

What brought the hype Karl Weingärtner?

How did he do after this hype?

Could he find out what steps led to this hype?

Can such a hype be repeated?

For further questions and interviews, please contact Mr. Karl Weingärtner under this e-mail:

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