Russia does have a Tesla coil


Tesla's famous Wardenclyffe Tower was, in some ways, the physical manifestation of his years of work.  A giant tower that could wirelessly transmit power across great distances, it was originally intended to transmit messages, telephony and facsimile images across the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea.  When Tesla decided to upgrade the tower to also transmit electricity, J.P. Morgan, who was the chief financier of the project, pulled the funding.

Morgan had a monopoly on copper, which he used to transmit electricity, and did not want his technology to become obsolete.  Stiffiling Tesla's brilliance was a monstrous move that has relegated Morgan to villany throughout the annals of time.

The Wardenclyffe Tower was demolished in 1917 so the scrap could be used to pay for Tesla's accrued debts.

Fast forward to 2015. 

A team of Russian scientists have built a mini "Tesla tower," capable of wirelessly transmitting huge amounts of electricity.

The facility is about 40 miles from Moscow and is currently called the “High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility.”  When activated, the generators can meet the energy demand for the entire country for about 100 microseconds.

Because of high maintenance costs, the facility is only activated sparingly.  When it is, lightning is discharged onto a platform which sends out electricity.  According to Rossiya-1 TV; When the facility is operating, the static charge in the “hot zone” is so large that the hair of anyone present bristles.


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