Bulletproof high speed car


A British car hopes to break the landspeed record by shooting through the desert at over 1,000mph  — and it’s body has to be made bulletproof to withstand the huge impacts it will undergo as it races along.

The Bloodhound SSC car, which has been assembled just outside of Bristol, is counting down to its final test, but first it must ensure that the car can withstand its journey. As it hurtles through the desert, it will be going at such speeds that even a small pebble could cause huge damage.

If a bag of sugar hit the centre of the wheel while the car was travelling at full speed, for instance, it would be the equivalent of 50 tonnes of blast, the weight of a fully loaded lorry.

To ensure that it can withstand such hits, the team behind the project have fired projectiles at the panels on the car. By ensuring that the panels are essentially bullet-proof, they can make sure that they are pebble-proof, too — and at such speeds, they are much the same thing.

The panels will protect the car’s driver, Andy Green, as he drives the car through the desert where the car will be tested.

The team behind the car hope that it will be able to beat the 763mph record, which was set by Thrust SSC in 1997. When it did so, it became the first car to break the sound barrier.

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